We will not "blind estimate" based on digital pictures or written descriptions or speculation - that is simply not sound professional watch making protocol. For this reason we offer FREE ESTIMATES* - your only commitment is the postage each way for your item. Upon receiving your watch, we thoroughly inspect and test the watch. We then email you a complete report of our findings - along with an itemized list of our recommendations and an approximate cost for each item. NO WORK IS DONE TO YOUR WATCH UNTIL YOU HAVE APPROVED THE ESTIMATE BY RETURN EMAIL. Our estimates are generally very accurate, however you would be contacted should there be any new findings or significant changes effecting the final costs. *All Accutrons require a $50 minimum inspection/testing fee.

YOU WILL RECEIVE YOUR ESTIMATE AND ALL CORRESPONDENCE BY EMAIL, SO PLEASE ADD '' to your contacts list RIGHT AWAY to prevent our estimate from accidentally being sent to your Spam Email folder.

When the job is complete, you will be emailed a bill for services plus return shipping. Your watch will be shipped promptly once your payment has cleared. Watches valued over $300 will be returned via Insured Registered US Mail ($25 + $10 for each additional watch). Watches valued under $300 will be returned via Insured Priority US Mail ($10 + $5 for each additional watch).


NOTE: Our turn-around time varies greatly based on our current work-load, parts search and availability, etc., expect several weeks in most cases, longer in the case of vintage watches (excluding shipping time).


Disassembly, cleaning, lubricating, and adjusting: Automatic Movements - typically $150-250 Chronograph or complex movements - $200-350
Full case restoration: typically $35-150
Dial restoration: typically $50-150
Replacement crystals / glass: typically $40-80
New Leather or Metal bands: typically $25-50
Appraisal services: start at $45 per watch
(Parts for watches like Rolex and Omega can be higher than the above estimated prices).

Typically 90% of all repairs or restorations range from $100 to $500 plus shipping.

If a problem develops subsequent to any service or repair of your watch OWC will (upon your return of the watch to our shop) promptly inspect and give you an email report of our findings at no charge. Should the problem be related to the specific service performed, OWC will at our discretion, resolve the issue at no charge. This warranty is limited and does not cover shipping, wristbands, crystals, batteries, cases, abuse or misuse, or component failure unrelated to the service that was performed. (Example: If we repair your winding stem, and you later begin to have problems and return the watch and we find a damaged hair spring, the problem is unrelated to our service and NOT covered under warranty.) OWC does not warranty any watch to be water resistant nor waterproof - regardless of original manufacture's claims. IN ALL CASES, YOU MUST RETURN THE WATCH FOR INSPECTION ACCORDING TO OUR SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS AND REFERENCE THE ORIGINAL JOB NUMBER. As our Mission Statement implies, we treat our customer's as we like to be treated - however we simply cannot perform restoration services on a vintage watch with many years of internal wear and stress on the case & parts and warranty that watch as new.

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